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◦ Goods.NG brings services to the consumer in new dynamic ways that make sense for the provider and consumer. We seek to perfect the service provider dynamics with aims of kicking our inefficiencies and bring brand new & magical experiences


◦ Our Services marketplace aims at bringing critical Services and Service Providers focused on SMEs to within reach via digital On-demand platforms

◦ Technology powers start-ups and SMEs giving them robust capabilities and capacity that bring them within a fighting chance of competing in today’s wildly competitive markets. Technology must be part of your startup/SME strategy and it goes beyond simple decision making but rather a well thought through and grounded plan that delivers new and exciting business models that move the needle for you and perhaps for your entire industry. We @nexusaspire are excited about these prospects and look forward to working with you the create the very next great business.

Digital & ICT


◦ Do you need to procure important items for your business the right way and within favorable terms? Do you need items within incredible time pressures? Goods.NG may be your best bet. We look forward to working with you to create incredible value for you and your stakeholders.

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